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The Jones Great Room is a space in Jones Residential College that is frequently used for a capella shows and independent productions. The Jones Residential College also produces one show per year in the space themselves.

Aside from the space of the Great Room itself, Jones also offers an art studio for painting as well as a scene shop for construction. House sound is provided by a pair of stereo hung Yamaha speakers, and the space has a large number of microphones available for group use, from SM-57s and 58s to lav and studio recording mics. The light grid is powered by a 24-dimmer Sensor Touring Rack; lights are hung using a uni-strut system, and include a number of Source Four Jr. instruments, as well as a secondary quantity of Altman, Fresnel, and PAR-64 fixtures. Jones also offers a small stock of flats, platforms, and standard black curtains for set work.


Inquiries about reserving or renting use of the Great Room should be directed to the current Artistic Director of Jones, Andrew Nelson (<email></email>).

Inquiries regarding technical specifications or limitations or technical advice should be directed to the current Technical Director of Jones, Elli Williamson (<email></email>).


Each year, Jones produces a show, referred to as the Jones Show. The Executive Board oversees production, which is made possible by the Susan Lee Grant. At least 50% of each production (cast and crew) must consist of current dorm residents; as a result, productions tend to be an all-dorm matter.

  • 2012: The Shape of Things
  • 2011: The Petrified Forest
  • 2010: Kid Simple
  • 2009: Rope
  • 2008: Assassins
  • 2007: The Last Five Years
  • 2006: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown