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Creating an Account

  1. Click the login/add account link at the top right corner.
  2. Click "create an account" and fill in the information on the form. (Note: the email field is not actually optional). The system will send you a confirmation email.
  3. Check your email for a message from "". Click on the confirmation link in that message.
  4. Email <email></email> with your username, and soon you will be authorized to create and edit pages!
  5. After you've been authorized, you should be able to start editing by clicking on the "edit" tab at the top of pages (just make sure you're logged-in first!).

Creating New Pages

To create a new page, you can either do a search for it and then click the red "create this page" link OR you can create a link to your new page from an existing page (e.g. [[My New Page]] ) and then just click on the link. Again, you must be logged-in to add pages.

Adding a New Show Page

Follow the same procedure for creating a new page (see above). In the new page there will be a box that says "Select boilerplate". Select "New Show Page" from the drop-down box and click "Load". A base template will be loaded into the edit box. Modify that as necessary and then save your new page!

Once you have created the page, don't forget to add the show poster image! To do that, simply click on the red link in the infobox on the right side of the page (just below the page title). You will be taken to the "upload file" page where you can upload the show poster image.

Note: The box that displays basic show information uses the "Infobox Show" template. More help on that can be found at the Infobox Show template documentation page.

All other info is up to you, but the minimum recommended sections to include are: synopsis, cast list, and production team list.

Categorizing Pages and Images

You should try to add category data for all pages you create and images you upload. For example, if you're creating a new page for a show, you should add this tag at the bottom of the page: [[Category:Shows]]. You should also add a category tag for the name of the StuCo board producing the show, e.g. [[Category:Sit & Spin Productions]].

To view a list of existing categories, click here. If there is no existing category that suits your page, you can create a new one by simply linking to it from your page (e.g. [[Category:My New Category]] ) and then clicking on that link and entering a brief explanation of the category.

Stubs and Pages Requiring Expansion

If you start a new page but don't have time to enter more than a couple lines of information into it, you can flag it as a "stub" by entering this code at the top of the page: {{stub}}. This will place a notice at the top of the page that the page needs more content.

If you come across an article that you think needs to be expanded, you can flag it with the "Expand" template like this: {{expand}}.

Once you have expanded the page content, you may remove these notices.

To-Do Lists

To create a to-do list for a page (so you or others know what needs to be done to it), click on the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Edit that page and transclude the to-do list template like this: {{todo}}. Then click the red link in the To-Do list box and add the to-do list items (try to use a bulleted list, or a numbered list if things have different priorities).

To edit a To-Do list that has already been created, click the "edit" link at the top of the To-Do list box.

Pages Needing Clean-Up

If you come across a page that is poorly formatted, organized, written, or just needs grammar or spelling fixes, you can mark it as needing clean-up. To do so, simply add this tag at the top of the page: {{cleanup}}. If the page needs to be rewritten, you can mark it with the {{cleanup-rewrite}} tag. For more information on how to use this tag, check out the documentation at Template:Cleanup-rewrite. If you clean up a page with one of the above tags, don't forget to remove the tag when you have finished making changes!

Other Help

If you don't see your question answered in the help files, please email the wiki sysops at <email></email> and we will try to add a help section to answer your question.